…Italian food is;
the air, the earth, the sea.

Nonna has a passion for pure ingredients only grown and nurtured within Italia. She knows Italian food is; the air, the earth, the sea. With a strong and organic history that cherishes a certain breed of cow to a beloved strain of grape, Nonna understands Italy’s love affair with food. It takes time. It takes heart. And Nonna is here to share her love of beautiful food with beautiful people like you!

Nonna's Italian-American Cafe has been operating since the mid 90’s!

Here are just some of the items that we import directly from Italy to give our food the best authenticity around:

cured meats (proscuitto, lardo, pancetta & capicola)

cheeses - mozzarella and Parmagiano-Reggiano (parmesan cheese) from the Parma & Reggio Emilia region
*this is THE ONLY true parmesan throughout the world*

olive oil



we make infused grappa
(an Italian style of moonshine made from the seeds and stems of grapes; leftovers from making wine)
& homemade limoncello!!!

and an excellent collection of old and new world wines for a variety of the palette

Both of our locations have a culinary and artistic influence which is inspired by Nonna’s rich history with Italy.

At our Downtown location, we have Chef D.J. Ball
Brandon Reynolds is at our South Side location

417 Magazine has named us Best Italian 10 years and counting

Each of our locations has two separate party rooms: both of which hold around 50 people

Nonna's South Side hosts a private entrance on the main floor

Nonna's Downtown is on the upper level which overlooks South St

If you need catering, Nonna's has you covered! We will cater any of your events - weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduation, birthdays, holidays…
from family style buffets to private, plated events both on and off site

Nonna's had prepared take out boxes for large parties (popular with the staff at Mercy and Cox)

Fully staffed catering available as well as simple delivery

Fill out the form below and let us know your catering needs. We will contact you shortly.